Stony Silence Handcrafted Jewelry

Thank you for visiting my website.  Take your time to look around and check out my designs. If you are looking for my video tutorials and demos, you’ll find them on my HeyMimi.com site and on my youTube channel.

My family and friends have been asking “Are you still doing your jewelry stuff?”  I do still tinker around with it and love doing it!   I get the most enjoyment in making them as gifts, which is most of the jewelry I’ve been making lately. I’ve also been doing some needlework and cardmaking. Yep, I’m as surprised as you are. I’ll be adding some to the website soon.

A few other things I love making: websites and videos sometimes distract my attention from the workshop. When the videos are related to jewelry making,  I’ve decided to share those on the BLOG here, just so that this quiet little Stony Silence website isn’t so deserving of  its name.

There are two distinct lines in my Pendant Collection. The “Inchies” (one inch by one inch mixed media artwork) framed in tiny little handcrafted polymer clay shadowboxes. Wearable art, for sure. Some have glass windows and some are filled with crystal clear resin.

The second line, my soldered glass pendants, are a little bit larger (1″ wide x 1.5″ or 2″ long). They are also two sided. The inchies have a solid textured back, but the soldered glass pendants have an image on the back as well as the front, encased in glass on both sides.  These are created in the style of stained glass.



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